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Translation office; is the one which makes the most qualified translation with the best price and in a minimum time period. Office should be able to manage the translation process from the first moment of receiving the order until delivering it.

To receive the translation order properly.

The best translation office should inform the customers who contact through mail or phone properly about their translation demand.

It’s necessary to make sure that what kind of service is needed, a sworn translation or a notary certified translation service, which depends on the purpose of use of the documents.

In general, the documents that are supposed to be used for international purposes needs a notary certification. The ones that will be submitted to local authorities are exempted from notary certification.

Besides all these services, the customers may need a website translation or consecutive/ simultaneous interpreting. Additionally, you may be interested in our other Istanbul translation office page.

The importat points to be taken into consideration in a sworn translation.

Translation office; after receiving the translation work properly, should direct the translation work to a the best translator in the field.

As there are many different fields in translation, such kind of translator selection has a big importance.

An appropriate translation program should be chosen in accordance with its type; sworn translation, notary certified translation, website translation or transcription. While mostly Microsoft Word is used for sworn or notary certified translations; Microsoft excel for website translations and a suitable subtitle program for transcriptions is used.

Translation delivery and payment at the end of translation process.

Translation office; should have the principle of adding a value to the person or company who they give service to by giving a qualified service. At the same time, persons or institutions should have the feeling that the translation worth the payment.

We, as Prestij Translation Office, we have been trying to give the best service with the best quality, best price in minimum time. You can contact with us by using the information on the “Contact” page.

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